Energie en Commun(s) | Energy as a Common(s)

Let's talk together into the chat of La Fabrique des Energies

DAISEE is an action-research program for people who consider Energy as a Common(s).

Our mission: Hybridize communities, disciplines and universes to address the complexity of energy transitions.
Our goal: Foster the conditions for *shared governance of energy* at regional scale by ALL grid stakeholders.

We bootstraped DAISEE as a contributive community through the Hackaday Prize 2016, with the support of La MYNE and CELLABZ with the very precious help of the CitizenWatt community.

In 2017, the Prats-de-Mollo (France) local grid operator joined as an experimental field, along with the Virtual Assembly to bootstrap a 'citizen-governed data platform' (based on semantic web standards).

In 2018, we've joined the Energy Commons movement - initiated by Energy Collective (Danemark) - with the ambition to build an european federation acting for energy transition(s) through commons.

Since 2019, we'are contributing to the prefiguration of "La Fabrique des Energies" as a commons incubator for energy transition(s) ecosystem, with the support of Oxamyne, la FabMob and ADEME.

Interested by DAISEE's contributive dynamics? - Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!